Kamis, 30 Oktober 2008

Air Earl RC Airplane Twin Engine Ready To Fly Corporate Jet

* Full Function Radio Controlled
* 2-Channel super heterodyne equipment. Forward, Up and down. Left and right
* Super Tough, Lightweight Airframe
* All Molded Plastic and Foam Construction
* Brake for Easy Landing
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Swimline RC Submarine

* Climbs and dives below water surface
* Turns left and right!
* Complete with Search light and long range transmitter
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Senin, 28 Januari 2008

RC Float Plane Ready To Fly

Excellent Control and Stability Outstanding Floatplane and Landplane 11.1V 1200MAH NIMH Battery Maximum Operating Range: around 800 feet Length:16" x Width:19" x Height: 2.7" Ready to fly Package Includes: Manual 4-Channel Remote Controller (8 AA Batteries Not Included) Battery Pack Home Charger (110V).

* Radio Control Airplane & 4 Channel
* Special Design
* Steady in Flight and Very Easy to Master
* Great at Slow-Speed for Easy Flying
* Great for Restricted-Space And Low Altitude Flying
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Super Cub RTF RC Plane

Super Cub RTF RC Plane - Remote Control Airplane

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Senin, 17 Desember 2007

Nitro Stampede RTR w/ TRX Pro .15

Product Description
The new Nitro Stampede builds upon the legendary ruggedness and performance
that has made the Stampede name synonymous with monster truck fun. When it’s
time to go faster and run longer, nitro power is the next step. Nitro Stampede
combines TRX Pro .15 nitro power with tall, drive-over-anything ground
clearance for hour after hour of intense wheelie-popping, rock-
crushing action. Just fuel it, start it, and drive it! The Traxxas
EZ-Start push-button starting system makes it easy for Nitro
Stampede to feed your hunger for brutal, rock-spitting, dirt-chewing horsepower.
The new Nitro Stampede now comes equipped with mirror-chrome All Star™ 2.8 wheels wrapped with pre-glued Talon™ all-terrain tires. Talons provide incredible grip on hard-packed surfaces, tear through rocks and gravel, and kick up giant roosts of dirt off-road. Performance-tuned foam inserts provide extra stability. The all-new body design sports an aggressive stance and tough new graphics that tell the world this truck is serious about its mission. New gray-molded composite parts tastefully compliment the look of the chassis. Pound-for- pound, Nitro Stampede™ is one of the meanest, toughest, and best- looking R/C monster trucks ever created. Nitro Stampede will quickly earn
its place as a first choice for exciting, wheelie-popping nitro monster truck action.

* Full ball bearings
* TRX All-Star mirror-chrome 2.8 wheels
* All-new body design
* Pre-glued Talon 2.8 tires
* Powder coated white springs with gray shock bodies

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Terrainiac Radio Control Vehicle - 27 MHz

Product Description
Embark on a rip-roaring, radio-controlled adventure with this all-terrain titan! With an oversized rear-sphere tire, hydro pulls and gyro-pivoting motions that let it roam anywhere, the Terrainiac moves in surprising ways. It can power through grass, gravel, asphalt, sand, dirt and even water. Requires one "9.6V" and 2 "AA" batteries (included). 27 MHz. Measures 17.75" x 12" x 6.5". Range: 60 feet. Run time per charge: 15 min. Colors and decals may vary.

* With its rear-sphere Mega tire, Hydro hulls and gyro pivoting motion
* Terrainiac tears up the turf in completely unexpected ways!
* On asphalt, dirt, grass, gravel, sand, and even water the Terrainiac™ is a multi terrain titan!
* Requires 1 Tyco® 9.6 V battery and charger plus 2 AA for the transmitter
* Perfect for your R/C collection!

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XPV Super Terranator Green 49 MHz

Product Description
Super hi-performance, all terrain R/C vehicle that terrorizes any environment with 12 volts of power! The ultimate all terrain vehicle with 2 engines, 4 wheel drive, & 12 volts of power! Works on land, mud, snow and even on water. 5 Mean vehicles in 1 - Street Car, Off-Road 4x4, Dragster, Swamp Buggy, Snowmobile. Tears-up any terrain with 4 pneumatic monster tires. Composite hull design for superior water skimming. 2 Turbo charged engines for extreme performance. New, faceted stealth styling inspired by real stealth planes. 2 Channel controller. Ready to Run - rechargeable 12V Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

* 2 engines, 4 wheel drive, 12 volts of power!
* Works on land, mud, snow and even on water
* Composite hull design for superior water skimming
* 2 Channel controller
* Ready to Run - rechargeable 12V Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

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